The Checkout

a podcast for retail brands pursuing operational excellence
This is a weekly audio experience exploring best-practices and insights from top operations and retail experts. We cover everything from inventory to purchase orders, from cash flow to fundraising, and more.

Learn something new about retail operations in each episode.
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Learn from leaders in operations

Brands are facing a challenge time. Customer demand is increasing, while supply chains are making fulfillment more difficult than ever. How can they scale amidst this uncertainty? When operations aren’t dialed in, brands can’t take advantage of growth and sales.

We created The Checkout to address these issues—and more. Adii Pienaar (Cogsy's CEO) and Marcella Chamorro (Head of Marketing) co-host.

We've invited only the best leaders in the retail space to help teach you their hard earned lessons and best practices. We'll also give you a behind the scenes look at building Cogsy.

With each episode of The Checkout, we hope to empower you to take smarter actions more proactively.

Here is our podcast trailer:


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