Order the right amount of inventory at the right time

At the click of a button
Purchase orders

Guessing your purchase orders is costing your business big time

You have little visibility into when products will go out of stock
Without clarity into past sales, you lack accuracy in forecasting future demand.
Predicting customer demand is impossible, a constant struggle to eliminate errors and gather the right data.
Purchasing too much of unneeded products ties up capital that could be used to grow your brand
You're stuck paying storage costs, utilities, insurance, and so on to protect this inventory on the off chance that it might sell.
Deadstock takes up warehouse space that could otherwise hold headstock. Where deadstock is your worst-selling products that don't make you a lot of money, headstock is your super-reliable best sellers.
When you add up all these costs, dead inventory costs a shocking 30% more than the inventory's value on average.
Add in roughly 15% in missed opportunities that happen when your cash is tied up in stock that doesn't sell
You can’t use that working capital for growth like hiring, developing new products, breaking into new markets, and more.
Things change constantly, and nobody can predict the future
You can’t use that working capital for growth like hiring, developing new products, breaking into new markets, and more.
Customer demand changes quickly.
Supply chain disruptions can happen at any time. Lead times vary by SKU and by vendor, so you’re not sure what to order and when.
We’ve got a pulse on your sales and inventory to empower you to create smarter purchase orders at the click of a button
Because inaccurate purchase orders impact your bottom line.
Move beyond manual spreadsheets and create recommended purchase orders to optimize your inventory levels and working capital with confidence

Always on, always monitoring, always calculating your optimal purchase orders

Take the guesswork and self-doubt out of your purchasing and planning
Replace manually updated spreadsheets with proactive sales prediction.
Cogsy replaces spreadsheets by automatically forecasting your sales so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.
Eliminate human error and identify patterns before they affect your bottom line.
Know exactly when you need to order your products
Inventory intelligence with all data updated in real-time and automatically create recommended purchase orders long before you run out.
Set lead times by SKU or by vendor to get more precise purchase orders.
Make proactive purchasing decisions to ensure you have the stock you need when you need it.
Be empowered to order the right amount of product at the right time

Place your purchase orders with confidence

Set your lead times at the SKU, vendor or global level
Get as specific as you want about how long it takes to receive your ordered products from your vendors.
Based on your lead times and your sales historical data, we’ll recalculate the products you need to order and when.
Edit purchase orders as you wish
Order at the click of a button
Make better, more proactive purchasing decisions

Set your brand up for long-term success

Order the right amount of inventory — not too much, not too little
Avoid having too much inventory sitting around accruing costs.
Avoid missing out on revenue when your products run out of stock.
Empower your brand to use working capital in the best way possible
Run a smoother, leaner operation.
Free up working capital for growth channels.
As a result, thrive.

The best brands trust us to help them optimize their purchase orders

I used to do all of my inventory forecasting in Excel, but now we do that with Cogsy. As an operator myself, I’m a big fan!


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