A platform to drive actions with real commercial value

With a single source of truth for all your teams

You can’t make sense of all your data

You don't need more data—you already have so much—you need help making better decisions and taking smarter action
This hinders your ability to take action
You have to wait for all that to conclude in order to make decisions and act.
This delays your abilities to capitalize on your opportunities and mitigate risks.
Nobody can predict the future
Growth is never as linear as planning predicts it to be.
Seasonality isn’t taken into consideration.
Things change constantly, whether it’s on the operational side or the customer demand side.
We help you create a plan and help you stay on track
Because inaccurate and reactive planning negatively affects your bottom line.
How much is this costing your business?
Move beyond spreadsheets and create proactive models to reach your revenue goals with confidence

Find signal in the noise

Imagine :
… not having to touch a spreadsheet to create your operational plan.
… no human errors contaminating your hard work.
… not worrying about gaps in your data / always having the latest data at your fingertips.
Have the ability to play with growth factors to see how it affects your operational plan
Month over month growth rate
How seasonality affects your revenue
How future marketing events may affect your revenue and plan
How your metrics (like CAC, CVR, repeat purchase rate) and your paid ad spend affects your operational plan
We’ll help you find the spectrum of plans and where the potential pitfalls are

Turn data into insights and action

View your predicted revenue adjust in different scenarios
Based on your adjusted growth rate, you’ll view your predicted revenue and see how it fluctuates based on each change.
Evaluate whether or not the predicted revenue fits your intended business goals.
Creating a plan is only part of success
We’ll illuminate where the plan went awry. We’ll monitor your data.
And we’ll tell you when things change, when you need to take action and pinpoint what actions you need to take to fix the situation / catapult your growth by adjusting the plan.
Make better, more proactive decisions

Take control of your brand's growth.

Map out different growth scenarios, so you can prepare accordingly
Play with assumptions to model different growth scenarios.
Stay agile and adjust the plan when things are going off track.
Create a better operational plan and stay on track
Negotiate better deals with manufacturers.
Free up working capital for growth channels.
As a result, thrive.

The best brands trust us to help them reach their revenue goals

Cogsy is the hub and real-time source of truth for our operational data. We're now able to plan for each upcoming quarter with more clarity and accuracy.


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