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We turn your data into accurate forecasts for your business. Make better decisions about inventory and free up capital so you grow better, faster.
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Providing top retail brands with inventory intelligence

Spreadsheets are no way to manage inventory

Manually updated spreadsheets are hard to keep up-to-date and take up your team's time.

Spreadsheets are prone to human error, costing the business money.

Your purchasing becomes reactive, instead of proactive.

Stop guessing your purchase orders

You have little visibility into when products will go out of stock.

Without clarity into past sales, you lack accuracy in forecasting future demand.

Purchasing too much of unneeded products ties up capital that could be used to grow your business.

You're missing out on revenue

If you don't sell on backorder, customers can't buy items they want.

Negative customer experiences hurt brand loyalty.

You miss out on revenue that could be used to help grow your business.

How much is this

costing your business?

Forward-thinking retail brands use Cogsy

“In a few clicks, we have complete visibility and powerful analytics to make real-time decisions, all while avoiding the need for additional headcount.”
— Mark Riskowitz,
“I used to do all of my inventory forecasting in Excel, but now we do that with Cogsy."
— Jason Wong,
Doe Lashes
“Cogsy is the hub and real-time source of truth for our operational data. We're now able to plan for each upcoming quarter with more clarity and accuracy.”
— Greg Davidson,

Proactive sales prediction

Cogsy replaces spreadsheets by automatically forecasting your sales so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

Inventory intelligence

Take the guesswork and self-doubt out of your inventory planning.

The days of manually updating spreadsheets are long gone.

Keep your inventory updated in real-time and automatically create recommended purchase orders long before you run out.

Sell on backorder

Let your customers buy items even when you're not in stock.

Cogsy will help set expectations by displaying the expected shipping date — on the product page, shopping cart *and* email receipt.

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“A total game changer in how our organization goes about our daily operations”
— Mark from Caraway

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